MP in new debate on food production

Published on Wed Jan 19 14:23:54 GMT 2011

SHERWOOD MP Mark Spencer has spoken in a debate about using biotechnology and genetic modification to secure Britain’s future food security.

Mr Spencer told the debate in Westminster Hall that there should be a mature and fact-based discussion on the subject.

He said last Wednesday: “I believe that we have a responsibility to ensure Britain’s food security.

“The recent volatility of world markets has given us a taste of how vulnerable we are with wheat reaching a two-year high and food costs soaring.

“In addition, climate change means that farming is under more pressure than ever and facing an uncertain future.”

With world population expected to rise above nine billion by 2050, experts have warned that we need to produce 50 per cent more food and energy and 30 per cent more fresh water within the next 20 years.

Mr Spencer added: “Biotechnology and specifically Genetic Modification offers improved yields, disease free plants and crops which can tolerate changing climactic conditions, all of which will ultimately mean that ordinary people in Sherwood can keep the cost of a trolley of shopping down.

“Additionally, it will allow British farmers to compete in the world market where heavy regulation currently puts them at a disadvantage to foreign competitors.

“What I want to bring about is an intelligent and informed debate on Genetic Modification which sets emotion, rumour and misinformation aside allowing a reasoned discussion of the pros and cons, bringing a potentially vital issue out of the shadows.”


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