Ethiopian professional society of rural development and agricultural extension Inagurated

Inauguration workshop of the rural development and agricultural extension mid-career graduate’s alumni association and establishment of Ethiopian professional society of rural development and agricultural extension held in Addis Ababa in February 22, 2011

in the inaguration programe differet higher officals including H.E. Amin Abdulkadir Minster of tourism and culture (member of the alumni) , Professor Belay Kassa , Haramaya University , Dr. Joseff Mutumba, Sasakoa Africa fund for extension education in Africa And alumni of graduate of agricultural extension and rural development from different universities attend the inauguration ceremony at the head quarter of Ethiopian institute of agricultural research.

On the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of The society different presenters and participant give emphasis the role of extension service for the fulfillment of the Ethiopian agricultural transformation plan which is implemented in the next five years which was planned to increase annual grain production with more than 150% of the current performance.


20 thoughts on “Ethiopian professional society of rural development and agricultural extension Inagurated

    • Really I feel so, so sorry to hear such of you become unemployed with having such great distinction grade but do not hesitate more because this is not ur problem, in my view I consider this is the sign of selfish, lack of public liability and in general a failed EPRDF`s scheme exercised in the country with full of corruption in each of its party buearocracy; anyways do something utmost using available opportunity than waiting from any one…including thinking out of the box…

    • Dear Misigana
      This professional society have made only its first inauguration ceremony by taking a minimal members to fulfill the legal requirement to claim its legal entity
      I hope the first annual assembly will be taken place soon and you will get access to join the society in the process
      Hope i will post on my blog about the time of the society annual meeting if i get an opportunity to hear in advance
      Good Luck

  1. IT is the first and only post I sow about the Ethiopia Professional Society of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension. Thanks Seyoum. Do you have current info about same? If you have please let me know.

    • Dear Amsalu.B as far as i know their was one established before three years by the initiationa of haramaya university but i am not sure it is active so far. but i am still tried to keep in touch and increase online members through the following facebook page.

  2. It is very important to just have proficienal unions in a this country but it is also better to be stand by its ideology, it means government interfere like other Ethiopian unions should be not apperciated

  3. i very interesting to be the member of Ethiopian professional society of rural development and agricultural extension. what would i do to be the memeber of Ethiopian professional society of rural development and agricultural extension?

  4. I am a research extension researcher at Amhara region Agricultural research institute, Andassa livestock research center. How I can be a member of it.

  5. I am research extension researcher at Southern Agricultural Research Institute of Areka Research Center and I want to participate with you or I want to be your member. so, please help me by guiding me and also want to participate in your conference of 2016.

  6. Halo Seyoum! you did a great job Sir. I missed the inauguration last time. I am really interested to be a member and benefit as well as contribute to the society.

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