India must implement food security law despite flaws: Amartya Sen

Chandra Ranganathan, ET Now Jan 10, 2012, 12.48AM IST

India must not obsess with how fast its economy is growing and instead pay more attention to its human development indicators which are worse than even that of Bangladesh, Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen said. Sen, known among his peers as the Conscience of Economics, said slower growth is not a good enough reason for national gloom. If India really must feel upset, it should be because the country is unable to provide proper nourishment to millions of its children or adequate healthcare to the poor, he said in an interview after chairing a jury meeting to select the winners of the Infosys Foundation’s awards in the social sciences category. If the government is really serious reviving national sentiment, it must forthwith implement the proposed food security law, despite its flaws, he told ET NOW’s Chandra Ranganathan . Edited excerpts:

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