Bill Gates is the former  chief executive officer(CEO) and current Chairman of Microsoft and the founder of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation paid a field visit to Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR).   Mr Gates visited Melkasa Research Center of (EIAR)  on March 302012.

The Gates foundation supports research for development efforts of EIAR in collaboration with International Agricultural Research Centers. On his visit Mr Gates met agricultural researchers and beneficiary farmers of the projects supported by his foundation.  On the occasion of his visit he understands that, through the support of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation the Ethiopian farmers are benefiting from the agricultural technologies generated and supplied.  Sorghum, millets, chickpea and beans producing’ farmers were invited to the research center and discussed on how the support is helping them.

Farmers expressed the advantages of using improved agricultural technologies for their food security and market access.  Learning what has been achieved and what is expected, Mr Gates remarked that he will keep on supporting the food security drives of smallholder farmers through research for development endeavors.


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