Maize Technology and Household Food Security in Benishangulgumuz Region, Ethiopia: The case of Assosa Woreda

Seyoum Mengist, Master Thesis in food security studies / Addis Ababa University, 2012

Maize is Ethiopia’s largest cereal commodity in terms of total production, acreage and farming households involved; it had good track records in promising technological options derived from the R&D work in the NARS. Impact of maize technology on rural household food security situation and it’s over all characteristics of maize production in the region was not assessed before. The main objective of this paper was to assess the features of improved maize production and its contribution to household food security in Assosa woreda. 120 sampled households from four kebeles were included in the sampling frame. Four focus group discussion and sixteen key informant interviews were held. Basic descriptive statistics were used for analyzing quantitative data. The study indicate that 63 (52.5%) of the households are food insecured and food insecurity prevalence is more persistent in settlers community (65%) compared with the locals ’community (40%). Food secured households have smaller mean family size and had larger farm land compared with food insecured households while land is significantly small in settlers compared with the local community. Maize is contributing 43% of calorie available in sampled households and major proportion of cash crop supplied to market in grain energy. Maize productivity on average was double in households’ who had used improved maize (24.29 Qt/Ha) compared with non-users (12.07 Qt/Ha). Food securied households’ are higher among maize technology users (58.3%) compared with non-users (36.7%). Trypanosomiasis and striga are economically important problem among the sampled households. Furthermore poor features of input supply system contributed to problems that limit to further unveil the potential of maize in enhancing household food security. Therefore, policy options aimed to accelerate households food security in the area could be effective if it has acknowledged the role of agricultural technology and taking consideration of resource endowment disparity existing among different groups of the community.


Key word: Maize, Food-Security, Technology, Benishangulgumuz, Ethiopia*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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