This blog is owned by Seyoum Mengist Ayalew, Seyoum is an agricultural and development specialist with more than 10 years of professional and leadership experience; conducting and leading agricultural research, program management, implementing multi stakeholder platform for development and conducting participatory socio economic survey.

His recent posts was an Innovator in Addis Ababa University in interdisciplinary research team that involved on capacity building in the agriculture to scaling up best practices to achieve food security in Ethiopia.

He was also a  researcher in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research within the Research Extension Farmer Linkage research process. At the institute he was part of a team engaged in the technology development, demonstration and scaling up, capacity building, socio-economic study and research.

At the earlyy stage of his career , he was employed by Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia for on of the Agricultural College. In addition to the teaching work , he  had taken part in the college management at different capacity including head of the basic science department, head of the college registrar and secretary for the college academic commission.

The blogger has strongly believe on sharing knowledge and information as a keys for development. The blog specializes on sharing information and knowledge in agriculture, food security and climate change. In a CTA inititated international young bloggers in agriculture competetion the blog was participated in an open online voting system and shortlisted for international teams of Juges which is fianlized in the Top Ten blogs.

Mr. Seyoum is actively participated in various professional platforms and networks, these includes: Knowledge Management for Development‘ (KM4dev) , social media reporting supportive team for CGIAR(consultative group for international agricultural research) , member of ILRI alumni (international livestock research institute ), Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition of FAO , Member of YPARD (is an international movement by Young Professionals for Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development).….



2 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOGER

  1. Thank you Seyoum ! I appreciate your effort. Still we expect a lot from as initiator of the association and would like to see the association formed and strengthened.

    Thank you

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