My Resume


 I am a skilled agricultural and development specialist with more than 10 years of professional and leadership experience; conducting and leading agricultural research, program management, implementing multi stakeholder platform for development and conducting participatory socio economic survey. My recent role is an Innovator in Addis Ababa University in a project named CASCAPE that works in collaboration with Wageningen University and Research Center for three years. I have been part of interdisciplinary research team that involved on capacity building in the agriculture to scaling up best practices to achieve food security in Ethiopia. I have also served as a researcher for three years in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research at Assosa Research Center within the Research Extension Farmer Linkage research process. I was part of a team engaged in the technology development, demonstration and scaling up, capacity building, socio-economic study and research. Our main achievement was introducing several new agricultural technologies in a society dependent on primitive practices. Most of all we were successful to scale up soybean production coupled with different commodity based valued chain development for marketing as well as food processing at household level. I have witnessed soybean area coverage increased in Assosa zone, according to CSA data. I have also served as member of scaling-up committee that was set-up by the institute for Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz region in a world-bank project with the objective of prioritizing and planning technology scaling up activities in two regional states. Together with this, I was responsible for ICT and member of the research planning and monitoring team at research center.Myfirst professional career was a college instructor at the Ministry of Agriculture for Maichew Agricultural College. In addition to my teaching duty and participating in curriculum developments, I have taken part in the college management at different capacity including head of the basic science department, head of the college registrar and secretary for the college academic commission. As part of my professional duty and personal interest, I believe sharing knowledge and information to be keys to development. Therefore, I have developed my own blog with link It specializes on sharing information and knowledge in agriculture, food security and climate change. I have proficient skill in application of Microsoft office tools, statistical software, audio-video editing applications, web based management and technical platforms.

Personal Information

Address Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Telephone(s) Mobile +251911893675
Date of birth 15/09/1981
Gender Male
E-mail(s) ,

Work Experience

Dates 5/1/2016 – To Date
Occupation or position held Company Manager

Main activities and responsibilities: Responsible for overall management of the company, Representing the company at different stage, Made agreement and business deals and Responsible for managing bank checks and other related tasks


Name and address of employer JAAJ Business & Investment P.L.C Addis Ababa
Type of business or sector Consulting , business and investment in social and natural science
Dates 13/09/2012 – To date
Occupation or position held Innovator – Agricultural Extension And Rural Development Expert


Main activities and responsibilities: facilitate sharing of knowledge between stakeholders in the agricultural innovation system, support local partners in the development and implementation of regional work plans, technical support to partners supporting agricultural developments, analysis and documentation of the best practices and innovations, facilitate action-research at local level, research on drivers for adoption of technology and up-scaling of successful agricultural innovations, coordinate capacity building training, mainstreaming gender and nutrition on activities of the project, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and producing technical research paper, assist in project monitoring and evaluation activities for project communication, focal person for documentation and knowledge management at project level, and focal person for MONQI (monitoring for quality and improvement) research, MONQI is a computer based research model, focal person for integrated farm management pilot study


Name and address of employer Capacity building in agriculture for scaling up of best practices in Ethiopia (CASCAPE) Project in Addis Ababa University – Wageningen University joint partnership project
Type of business or sector Education and Research
Dates 01/01/2008 – 20 /01/2011
Occupation or position held Research Extension Farmer Linkage Expert as Junior Researcher II


Main activities and responsibilities: capacity building training, technology scaling up activities, technology adoption study, technology verification, demonstration, value chain development for selected crop and livestock technologies, socio-economic survey, impact assessments, facilitating regional stakeholders platforms, monitoring and evaluation and leading ICT activities. In addition to my duties that based on the research center, I was working at the institute for a team organized for facilitating technology scaling up in Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz region states in a world bank project.


Name and address of employer Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, ASSOSA(Ethiopia)
Type of business or sector Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing
Dates 07/10/2004 – 31/12/2007
Occupation or position held Agricultural extension and Communication Instructor

Main activities and responsibilities: As instructor, I was responsible for handling different courses and participated on curriculum development. As head of basic science department I was part of administrative works for basic science department and the college, preparing course break down, coordinate activities provided by the department and participate in the college events both the regular and ad-hock one representing the department. While I was head of college registrar I was responsible for managing students’ academic database including preparing semester program schedule, monitoring students’ academic records, short lists students under different department who have full filled the academic requirement for graduation and preparing semester student copy are some of the to do lists to be mentioned. Moreover, I have also member of college academic commission were I have participate in the weekly academic commission meeting for discussing and participate in a major decisions regarding college academic issues.


Name and address of employer Ministry of Agriculture – Maichew Agricultural College (TVET)

Maichew Tigray, 67 Maichew (Ethiopia)

Type of business or sector Education /academic higher education


Dates 10/02/2011- 1/07/2012
Title of qualification awarded M.Sc. Development studies / Specialized in Food security Studies.
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered The program focused on different Issues on food security that includes natural resource management, agriculture, water, Food system, marketing, nutrition, Food policy, vulnerability, disaster and risk management, nutrition and health, project management.
Name and type of organization Addis Ababa University
Dates 01/01/2000 – 08/08/2004
Title of qualification awarded Bsc. Agricultural Extension
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered The program focused on Agricultural communication, participatory approaches, rural development, agricultural marketing, agro forestry, farming system research, gender in development, agricultural information systems, agricultural project planning, program evaluation and analysis.
Name and type of organization Haramaya University , Ethiopia
English Proficiency


TOEFL – 553 /2010/, IELTS – above 6 /2011/given by AAU and British council. English was also Media of Instruction for My under graduate and post graduate class in Haramaya and Addis Ababa University
Computer Proficiency Adequately use Microsoft office packages, SPSS, STATA, Adobe Photoshop, video editor software, web 2.0 online platforms

  Recent Trainings Year Organized By
1 Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis 2015 UNFAO
2 Introductory Course on Climate Change 2015 UNITAR
3 Training Workshop on Extension Manual Writing 2015 Wageningen U / WU
4 Integrated Farm Management and Sustainable D 2014 WU
5 Technology Scaling Up and Scaling Out 2014 WU
6 Economic, Preference and Value Chain Analysis 2013 WU
7 MonQI Farm Monitoring Training 2013 WU
8 Soil Nutrient Management 2013 WU
9 Integrating Nutrition in Agriculture 2013 WU
10 PRA, IFM, Multi-Stake Holder Process & Project P 2012 WU
11 Agricultural Productivity & Food Security in Africa 2011 UNECA ,FARA,
12 Web 2.0 for Development 2011 ILRI and CTA
13 International Agriculture Knowledge Fair Africa 2010 CGIAR/ILRI
14 Google Earth & Maps 2010 ILRI and
15 Gis , Remote Sensing , Spss 2009 EIAR/RCBP-WB
16 Information & Communication Technologie Management 2009 EIAR/RCBP-WB
17 Leadership & Management Skill Development 2007 VECOD

Professional society


1.     Agricultural Economics Society of Ethiopia.

2.     Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Society of Ethiopia.

3.     Knowledge Management for Development ( Km4dev)

4.     Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition of FAO (FSN)

5.     Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD)

6.     International livestock research institute alumni (ILRI)

7.     CGIAR – Social media supportive team ( served as remote and site reporter for different international events organized by CGIAR and CGIAR research centers including ILRI, IFPRI, CIMMIT)

Additional Skill







1.    I am a Blogger and twitted in the areas of food security, research for development, agricultural and rural issues, ICT4Dev, early warning and disaster management and issues on climate change mitigation & adaptions in rural Africa.


2.    Excellent knowledge on computer- offices, statistical packages (SPSS), audiovisual graphic Software and with social networking and collaborative writing tools including Google doc, flicker, YouTube, blogs, twitter and Google map, online collaboration with different international teams




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  3. Bekele Gemechu, Ayana Etana, Seyoum Mengist, Feyera Senbeta & DegefaTolossa.2015.Best Fit Practice Manual for Wheat Production Technologies in Becho Woreda, Central Oromia. Addis Ababa University.
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  5. Seyoum mengist. 2012. Contribution of Maize Technology to Household Food Security: The case of Assosa Woreda in Benishangul-Gumuz Region: Ethiopia. Lamburt academic publisher: Germany. Ctrl-click for the link
  6. Kalkidan assefa, seyoum mengist , fistum s/mariam and yonas degefu.2012 .Assessment of Agricultural Technology Scaling up in Assosa zone: the case of improved maize/teff/finger millet/soybean/ground nut/potato/ and forage technologies.(unpublished )
  7. Afework H., Seyoum M.,Yonas D., and Hailemarim S..2012. Participatory evaluation and selection of maize and Teff improved varieties through Farmer Research and Extension Groups (FREG) at Assosa Zone in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State.
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  9. Degefa Tolossa, Feyera Senbeta, Bechaye Tesfaye, Bekele Gemachu, Belayneh Zeleke, Michael Tariku, Seada Yasin, Seyoum Mengist.2015. Participatory Rural Appraisal Report: Becho Woreda, East Shewa Zone, Central Oromia Region; CASCAPE Working Paper 2.1.2, April 2015. Wageningen University. Ctrl-click for the link
  10. Degefa Tolossa, Feyera Senbeta, Bechaye Tesfaye, Bekele Gemachu, Belayneh Zeleke, Michael Tariku, Seada Yasin, Seyoum Mengist.2015. Participatory Rural Appraisal Report: Gimbichu Woreda, East Shewa Zone, Central Oromia Region; CASCAPE Working Paper 2.1.3, April 2015. Wageningen University. Ctrl-click for the link
  11. Degefa Tolossa, Feyera Senbeta, Bechaye Tesfaye, Bekele Gemachu, Belayneh Zeleke, Michael Tariku, Seada Yasin, Seyoum Mengist.2015. Participatory Rural Appraisal Report: Girare Jarso Woreda, East Shewa Zone, Central Oromia Region; CASCAPE Working Paper 2.1.4, April 2015. Wageningen University. Ctrl-click for the link
  12. Degefa Tolossa, Feyera Senbeta, Bechaye Tesfaye, Bekele Gemachu, Belayneh Zeleke, Michael Tariku, Seada Yasin, Seyoum Mengist.2015. Participatory Rural Appraisal Report: Munesa Woreda, East Shewa Zone, Central Oromia Region; CASCAPE Working Paper 2.1.5, April 2015. Wageningen University.Ctrl-click for the link
  13. Degefa Tolosaa, Feyera Senbeta, Michael Tariku, Seyoum Mengist.2015. Drivers for adoption of agricultural technology in central highlands of Oromia; CASCAPE working paper ( to be published)
  14. Seyoum mengist, Degefa Tolossa, Feyera Senbeta, , Bekele Gemachu, Belayneh Zeleke, Michael Tariku, Seada Yasin, Gemechu Nemi .2015.Analysis of Household and Plot Level Farm Performance and Nutrition Balance by using MonQI model In Central Highland Of Oromia, Ethiopia. CASCAPE AAU.


Degefa Tolossa (Ph.D)
Assistant Professor of Geography and Development Studies
Dean of Institute of Development Studies
Addis Ababa University
P.O. Box 150229

Phone: +251 0911899660 (mobile) +251 0113496916(home)

He was my professor, research adviser, job supervisor when I study and work in Addis Ababa university


Feyera Senbeta (Ph.D), Assistant professor of Ecology & Natural Resource Management, Chair of Centre for Environment and Development;

Addis Ababa University
P.O. Box 150229 

Phone: +251 0911837277 (mobile)


He was my professor and job co-supervisor when I study and work in Addis Ababa university


Festum Sahelemariam (Msc.)

Former Center director / Assosa research center

Ethiopian institute of agricultural research

Phone +251911670308


He was my job supervisor when I work in the Institute







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